A girl on boat

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 21/09/2008 04:11:36 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Crossing the Chao praya river by boat, i saw this girl, maybe she was losing in her dream. 
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28/09/2008 12:17    from : eleparc
la qualité de tes mises au point me bluffe! au 1.4 et 1600ISO. du beau et grand travail!
Suis toujours fan de ton travail!

24/09/2008 11:41    from : Stig
Reminds me of the photo of the girl singing on the streets. Great shot this, Simon. A good illustration for the term; 'penny for your thoughts'. The tilt works for me and the colours are good. Do you play around with the colours in lightroom or something. What kind of sharpening do you do as well? (if you don't mind me asking!)

22/09/2008 21:55    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

Your colours are splendid ! it's a real beautiful image, i remember Bangkok so well while looking at your photos, it makes me want to return there ! great serie !

greetings, inn

21/09/2008 11:03    from : stevev1
Excellent admosphere you've created. There's a lot of sadness on her face and in her body language. The yellow color cast gives it a bid of warmth but that blue light is totaly the opposite, the cold color of a indifferent city. Very nice Simon!

21/09/2008 10:05    from : AnimeshRay
Lovely softness and a softly glowing color.  I love the gentle turn of the girl who is indeed lost in a reverie. Very pretty and expertly done with the tilt.

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