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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 08/11/2007 00:05:46 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Nong Khai
after few minuts on the truck, we arrived near a lake,  in the place where this family cultive the first step of the rice.
They have to make bunch and pack on the truck.
This little girl was my favorite, she was so cute and realy funny.
After kids worked one hour, we will see how they had a lot fun.
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26/05/2008 20:23    from : Bélibaste
Une nouvelle fois j'y retrouve de la joie et puis j'aime la dynamique que ton tilt produit, un peu comme si tu jouais avec cette gamine... Courir et prendre des photos à la volée... Peut-être un point de vue un peu plus au ras du sol aurait été meilleur mais difficile, en tout cas celle-ci aussi me donne le sourire...

29/11/2007 04:04    from : jinju
What a wonderful photograph. Such a beautiful b/w, you probably have the best b/w conversions on PH, Simon.

18/11/2007 00:50    from : s10001in

Hi simon,

Delicate, innocent moment captured.

Watching the picture makes us so fresh & feel like entering in the world of child.

Though monochrome, it is full with color of nature, joy & childhood.



12/11/2007 18:25    from : yanseiler
Hello Simon, we could think that it was an easy catch, however there are strong points here, the different layers created by the water, the crops and the sky are great as well as her expression. The slight tilt is very smart, without it it would ruin the picture, it brings some dynamism as well as the moment when you've pressed the shutter, while she was on the move with that great Thaï smile... Thanks for the invitation...

12/11/2007 15:29    from : luan
ELa je suis tout a fait d'accord avec toi, elle est vraiment mimi, et la photo ressemble a une invitation du genre, vient decouvrir mon royaume qu'est le camps de elle a l'air heureuse de te le faire decouvrire...on respire ici, y a de l'espace et ca fait le plus grand bien.
C'est beau !

08/11/2007 09:57    from : luisafonso
I was wondering why this centered composition works so well... And I may have found the answer. It's that large pool of water covering the middle of the scene and embracing the sweet smile of the girl. Its form is really perfect to guides us through the picture. We start in the right top, follow the curve and meet the girl and her radiance. And then we leave the frame by the bottom on the right also. The tilt adds some dynamics to the photo. One has the sense that she is walking down... Very good.

08/11/2007 00:40    from : eleparc
Là je te retrouve vraiment! les grands espaces, ces sourires de folie, la paille, les pieds dans l'eau: du bon et vrai Simon, la mouche du dragon! ;-) j'aime aussi ce tilt allié à cette superbe courbe faite par le champ.. elle est votée!

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