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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 14/09/2008 16:15:52 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Who care a little girl singing in the street...
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02/10/2008 00:09    from : njosnavelin

Hi Simon,
It's late, and I am so moved and I don't quite know what to say. I take it from the so moving title that this girl is singing for her life...My breath it short, this kind of hit me in the face. And even more so because of the sheer apparent simplicity of it all, I mean this tiny kid, the hug car behind, the skyscraper, the people rushing by,  and the whole almost like a fashion pic in its estethic look, that  blue/green sky, lush colors, and all the misery. So terribly sad, and so incredibly beautiful. Superbly fine-tuned work.


01/10/2008 23:33    from : fixed
Un esthétisme bien rutilant qui rend encore plus dérangeant dans cette image. Pas très inspiré pour commenter en fait, désolé. ... et paradoxalement on pourrait discuter longuement sur cette image. ... un coup de poing.

28/09/2008 12:15    from : eleparc
Salut Simon, cette photo est incroyable!  je suis très touché par le côté quasi chirurgical donné à l'image par le métal de la voiture, la lumière, et le focus, que tu contrebalances très bien avec le côté plus humain de cette enfant qui chante, mais tristement seule et ignorée par le monde qui l'entoure! C'est le combat de deux mondes qui co-existent mais qui s'ignorent... La vraie vie quoi! bravo! A favorite!

16/09/2008 19:22    from : AnimeshRay
Oh man! This is an incredible photograph. 
I am unwilling to accept a priori that what we see here is necessarily due to abject poverty.  For all I know, it could be the child of a road-side shopkeeper who might be right next to her.  But from the point of view of photography this is composed as well as a fine hiku.

16/09/2008 13:08    from : truja
Hi Simon! The relation of magnitudes is really fascinating that acquires this photography, the girl seems tiny next to the extraordinary buildings and of that enormous vehicle. The indifference of people surprises a very dynamic scene to me. great work! I think that in my last message to you I call you "Steve" I'm sorry :)

16/09/2008 11:45    from : Stig
Another good one this one, Simon. I like the combination of things that surround the girl here; the figures, the building, the cars, the concrete and that fine blue which seems to be a trademark of yours these days.

15/09/2008 17:13    from : greeneye
hello Simon,

This is really a VERY STRONG photo ! So complex, so bustling and the little girl sitting there so quiet between all the things that are moving and passign by ... very nice colours and light and the perfect motionblur . in my fav's !
greetings, inn

15/09/2008 09:53    from : ALSOM
Ce qui me plait, ce sont les contrastes de tonalité chaud/froid en mêmetemps que le contraste avant/arrière plan. Autant la voiture grise accentue le contraste "social", autant le bus me parait de trop dans cette scène ... Néanmoins c'est du tout bon, dans le sujet du projet.

15/09/2008 02:21    from : Furachan
J'aime la complexite et l'experimentation dans cette serie, Simon. Ici on ne voit que flou jusqu'a ce que l'peil tombe sur la petite en bas, toute en pique. Les couleurs sont vraiment au poil ici et tu nous offres toute une parabole - du beau travail.

15/09/2008 02:04    from : Bélibaste
Great this one !
Great for what this picture tells about and how it tells. I like your particular colors and how this photo works marvelously with your project, colors of the night... Night colors in movement... Colors of a beautiful and rough night at the same moment...
Good job !

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