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Strong guy

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 07/09/2008 05:16:06 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
During some night walk in bangkok street.

PS: after reading Luko comment and checking this picture in a netcafe. seem that my laptop screen is a big liar, i will maybe stop posting until i gm back home, i feel that i work like a blind photogrpaher.
i have try to change this one, please let me know what you feel now about colors and contrast.

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11/09/2008 22:18    from : eleparc
D'où linteret de pouvoir accéder à l'ancienne photo. Celle ci est bcp mieux que l'original! Cette photo est d'une richesse époustouflante , ces deux mecs pour commencer et ce 3ème qui pose le pied pour tenir le tabouret en place, puis au plan haut de l'image ces logos de cartes amex, visa et mastercard qui pètent dans le bleu et que rappelle cette voiture en pleine course. J'aime vraiment bcp!

08/09/2008 22:32    from : Bélibaste
Mouais... A dire vrai j'aime bien les deux, la précédente avec son teint blafard possédait également une belle ambiance de nuit asiatique et je n'adhère pas au commentaire de Luko... Je crois que j'aurai privilégié un point de vue un peu plus rapproché mais cette photo en reste pas moins efficace, s'insérant parfaitement dans ton thème...
A plus...

07/09/2008 06:47    from : brian
Yea Simon what an improvement.  Now they are not jaundice, and will have long lives. I noticed that the exposure has been brought down a bit, and for me this helps a great deal.  It really looks good.

Take care,

05/09/2008 14:03    from : Luko
This is exactly what I was writing about : I miss the colors of the night, and that's a pity for such a project.  You tried too hard to balance the colors and therefore removed the interesting tones : Skin are whitish yellowy, it now looks like it was taken in the daylight but with a sick light.
Where is the night? where are the lights?   

03/09/2008 19:22    from : greeneye

Hello Simon,

Hope you're ok in BKK now with the problems there !!  Great image, a funny compo with the very original fighting and then the stickers with the visa and master cards ;)
greetings, inn

03/09/2008 17:57    from : stevev1
Simon, you've again portrayed the Thai admosphere perfectly. Another image that brings it al back to me.
What's it like these days with the protests going on?

Take care Simon and be careful

02/09/2008 16:01    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, i love how you have used here the strong wide lens here
the scene is so well captured with this high POV, i like a lot the people around the two men and the detail of the foot on the left side
Strong impact as usual!

02/09/2008 15:32    from : Stig
I'm loving the wide-angle view of these recent shots, Simon, and it's nice to see you finding new and interesting stuff to photograph. You've got a biy of everything in this shot; action, people watching and of course, the all important environment of the two 'fighters'!

02/09/2008 14:19    from : Furachan
Tu tues avec l'extreme angle la, Simon, c'est tres chouette comme travail, bien cadre et tout et on voit jusque dans la rue, au loin... Au fait t'en a rien a foutre des manifs - t'as des bagarres devant les yeux dans la rue, pas besoin de se planter devant les batiments du gouvernement ;o)))
Bien vu. Bien joue. Une serie tres dynamique. (ps. J'ai vu plus ou moins les meme gus au VN, a Hanoi...)

02/09/2008 08:34    from : proxilva

Ciao Simon,

Now that's an other way to settle an argument, let me quess, the on with the tattoo is pro government, and the other anti? Ooh and i see more then 5 people here, not allowed any more, whatch out for the police, I think they sitin that pimped blue car in the back ;o).

Nice shot, they wresle with heir arms instead of their hands, to bad for the visa sign in my opinion, but ok. happpy shooting over there.


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