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small fish

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 17/08/2008 06:28:11 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Maybe it was difficult to know witch one he like more.
Somewhere in bkk during the night.

ps: i had to re upload, i made a mistake and forgot to change the color setting.
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05/09/2008 14:00    from : Luko
I like the situation in this one, the guy looks stuck to the bulb, like a nightfly on a lamp.
Though I'm not sure in that in the whole serie you were spot on the "nightly" colors, made with all sorts of distorted color casts and warm tungsten lights, this one is a bit bland colorwise to my taste..

19/08/2008 21:09    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

Hahaha, so funny like you say 'to know which one he likes more ...' :DD  . I like the very original compo and scene, i would never think of photographing that ! Lovely nightcolours, even in the tumbnail you can see it's from your project ! A very pleasant serie to follow !!! Giving some joy in the cool grey days of Belgium , many many thanks !

greetings, inn

19/08/2008 20:32    from : kajspice
Hi Simon...

Although quite intimate, I feel this lacks the intimacy of your usual style.  It feels a little "stolen" for you.  Perhaps because the background lacks much interest for me.  The front part is lovely, and shows me a nice moment of respite for the boy, but there is little more than this for me...

(I think my feeedback is not too accurate!)..

19/08/2008 15:05    from : Designsoul

This is SO yours, Simon! Beautiful, magical, dreamy... the composition, the colours are gorgeous... a very nice work again...

Hope you enjoy BK.



19/08/2008 09:48    from : proxilva

Nice Fly, thought I wonder why you didn't go down a bit more, you didn't wanna draw too much attention of the boy perhaps. But maybe a lower angle, a bit more boy and fish and a little less of the dark background would have made it even better ;o)

have a nice stay over there


17/08/2008 10:25    from : Furachan
More focused and slightly less ambitious than the pnaramic last one, Fly, but sensitively rendered with great use of the ambient light. You've captured a touch of magic here, again.

Are you playing with fill flash a bit these days by the way?

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