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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 16/08/2008 15:29:46 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
The city of angels is also tht city of light. Bankok is so busy also during the night.
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05/09/2008 14:05    from : Luko
Just an example of what I was expecting from night photos : uneven lighting, surprizing reflections and saturated colors. (I believe your usual color process with a slight desaturation and a yellow cast doesn't work with night pics).

31/08/2008 14:44    from : fixed
Love the electric / exciting felling. The color cast as usual is very well managed.

22/08/2008 10:37    from : janiko
Ca j'aime, ça grouille de partout, de sujets et de couleurs, on entend même les klaxons et on voit les voitures bouger. Une photo pile-poil, Simon.

21/08/2008 06:20    from : bombilla

Cool and tough.  Slick but sincere at the same time.  The interaction between you and the subject is palpably intimate, even as the image aspires to the symbolic, evoking a sense of 21st century globalism.  Best, -h.

20/08/2008 06:34    from : AnimeshRay
A brilliant photograph, Simon! Love the decisive attention to the woman who seems to rise like a towering figure above the din of the busy city.  Incredible color.

19/08/2008 21:15    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

Another beauty in the project.  THe lovely strange colours, so special ! I love this one !

greetings, inn

17/08/2008 16:07    from : pridel
Ho ho! It is warm.
As said Richard Bohringer: " it is beautiful a city, at night "

17/08/2008 04:10    from : Furachan
A very rich, complex image, Fly - I sense am eagerness to embrace the full complexity of the city this time around, a kind of return to earlier compos of yours (like the brilliant one of the wedding in VN witht he train going by...) This is fantastic work Simon, with full utilization of the wideangle - the amount odf detail is simply stupifying - cars, distant buildings, children, the whole dominated by thi street MAdonna.
A FAV, l'ami, of course...

17/08/2008 01:54    from : brevbrev14
ciao Fly, superb usual  by you..... :))
i love the use of the wide lens and the contrast between the blue and the orange/yellow tones
great night shot

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