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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 12/08/2008 22:10:09 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Silom road 2 am.
Silom road is one of districts warmly of Bangkok, Salesmen of souvenirs store their goods. They sometimes have a long route has to make with their trolleys, the night is not totally ended.
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28/09/2008 12:34    from : lauryn
Hi Simon. Thanks for your warm welcome.
I always wondered how you could get a sharp photo in such a dim light.. I am a fan of your night shots, haha. I try something similar sometimes but I have never got even one good shot and always trushed them.

2am and a little kid still stays up on the street. That's a tough life. The woman opens her mouth and the cars are moving in the background as well as her trolley. That makes the scene so lively, makes me think Simon road never fall asleep too. Lovely, but a bit sad picture.

13/08/2008 20:34    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

What a gorgeous nightshot ! very strange and beautiful colours. Like Sasa says : you don't have any noise !!! ( tell us your secret ..;) ) . It's a very intimate shot, you clicked at the perfect moment, an unexpected moment, really great ! 
greetings, inn

13/08/2008 13:30    from : pridel
Beautiful representation of the two-speed life, that of the cadie and the taxis in the background. The face of the child is so sad.

13/08/2008 11:03    from : Furachan
In some ways this is very much a "Furachan" shot, Simon, wouldn't you agree...;o) Perhaps our walk through BKK at night encouraged you to shoot in nthe night time. Lovely result here with perfect positioning of the man on the extreme left. Green cast is a "little" strong perhaps; again that is the effect you are shooting for. A+ Francis

13/08/2008 08:09    from : stevev1

Hi Simon,
I totaly love the admosphere here. The composition is excellent and personal. We feel part of this family returning home. But I also feel like I'm in the hot night of Bangkok. The stairs to the skytrain station, the taxis.... I love everything about it...

All the best


13/08/2008 02:51    from : Designsoul

Salut Fly,
the way they're walking seems both desperate and looking everyday--pushing their little boy in that metal trolley, with the stores rushing by in a slow motion blur. A great composition, gorgeous night hues -- amazing how you don't have noise at such a high iso. 

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