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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 10/08/2008 05:30:25 project: Colors of the night \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
A scene you could see in Bangkok during the night. some man walk with elephant on the street
you can buy some food and give to them. This guy was asking to this young elephant to stand, after he was lying  on floor.
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09/12/2008 17:22    from : Homerhomer
bizzare, great shot, can't help but feel sorry for this animal, he should be enjoying eating branches somewhere in the wild.

12/08/2008 16:33    from : Designsoul

Unbelievable... i couldn't figure out what it was from the thumb... and ELEPHANT on a busy street at night... couldn't be more surreal... great shot, Simon, the motion blur is working for it, wow...
Hope your flight went well, you eat wonderful Thai meals and post regularly.

11/08/2008 15:56    from : Furachan

Lovely "movement" caught here, Fly. You are back in the bosom of the world now, in sweet BKK. I envy you, man, I am in the rainy and cold North of England, could not be mroe different...

COmplex feel here, a "thick" if technically imperfect picture (who cares?) - touches of Pinkhassov...

10/08/2008 19:57    from : greeneye
hello Simon,

Wow, what a photo ! I like the movement of the elephant, making the photo more real ! It is an onusual shot. great light too. have fun in BKK.
greetings, inn

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