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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 05/08/2008 19:31:29 project: Proud to be \ Europe \ France \ Paris
i gess Liza was so tired to walk, this day was also very hot.
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08/08/2008 22:57    from : eleparc
Great pic Simon! But liza's name is Dominique and he used to be my ... hairdresser! a small world indeed! He will be delighted to know that he became so famous now... ;-) leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks in Britanny.. keep in touch and enjoy your thai trip..

07/08/2008 17:17    from : Designsoul

Great series, Simon, love them, but this one especially--compositionally and also for the beautiful balance between an active and more passive participant in a decisive moment. Very nice bw treatment... unfortunately, in Budapest, the gay parade was a disaster--really feudal and primitive how some people reacted to it... I only heard of it, from across the pond.

hope summer is beautiful in Paris


06/08/2008 18:02    from : Xavis

Après une période d'absence pour des vacances, voilà de retour. ça fait un bon moment que je ne regardais ton travil...le moment est arrivé! et pas de deception, mais au contraire, une bonne surprise avec ce projet original, rigolot et bien realisé. Tu transmets bien un ambiance, et le mouvement, avec une touche comique sympatique qui regnait bien dans le lieu. Des noir et blancs bien reussis...

j'attend la suite avec plaisir,

Hasta la vista,


06/08/2008 03:09    from : Furachan
I will never forget your immortal "Dog Pride" pic, SImon, the one that got you into a lot of trouble, totally unfairly in my opinion, and forced me to get into the fight against the PC loonies.
Here again you are doing a very smart thing - instead on concentrating on the exhibitionist and yes, sometimes grotesque aspects of the march, you look for the human factor underneath, like "tiredness" for example, which brings outr both your gentle humor and your keen sense of observation. Very nice work.

05/08/2008 19:52    from : greeneye
Hello Simon,

A serie that is very special.  Unusual photos that not many will make, not having the opportunity or the guts.  I like the b&w choice .
greetings, inn

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