call me blond

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 04/08/2008 01:00:02 project: Proud to be \ Europe \ France \ Paris
During the parade..
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07/08/2008 17:24    from : Designsoul

Yes--Blond, James Blond. ;-))) -- another nice one Simon, here I don't mind he is standing there just for you. Great you didn't overexpose the wig--so platinum!

04/08/2008 21:12    from : greeneye

hello Simon,

I like the portrait of this "monument". I like the compo with the two persons at each side of the photo cropped. The grey is good for me. It's a very good document of this person, but it's a bit a pathetic person i think...

greetings, inn

04/08/2008 18:06    from : stevev1
I know I shouldn't laugh but come on....that's just so over the top!! The image is splendid though. I'm not finding it to grey at all. Tonality is perfect for my liking.

All the best

04/08/2008 10:16    from : ALSOM
I can see her in an action remake movie "My name is Blond, James Blond!".
Impressing muscles, shes/he's got all the focus ... great .
The image is a bit grey for my taste.

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