a boy's dream

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 28/11/2007 09:53:33 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Phu wiang
In Isaan many boys have a dream. A dream to be a Thai boxer.
of course Thai boxing id very famous here in Thailand, i would like to compare
Thai boxing in Thailand with football in Brazil.  I met this young boy, in Khon Kaen Province.

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29/11/2007 10:29    from : galeota
Mais...!? C'est Ratatouille! Le passage de la cuisine à la boxe Thaï se fait tout en douceur. J'adore sa frimousse et sa pose de futur champion. Le rêve donne à la vie un parfum bien plus intense, surtout lorsqu'on est rêve démesurément, comme seuls les enfants savent le faire. je ne suis nullement dérangé par l'admirateur en arrière plan car le détachement, par plans successifs, me semble suffisant pour que cela ne soit pas distrayant.

29/11/2007 04:53    from : Designsoul

Wonderful, Simon. You've captured the essence of their dream. The expression on his face is perfectly caught, the tones again so delightful, so beautiful. Love it.


29/11/2007 03:29    from : Furachan
Every young person in Isan wants out, wants to make it out of the sad morass they find themselves in. The girls moving to the bars of Surkhumvit and Pattaya in their thousands, listening to Morlam music on their days off... the boys dreaming of a boxing crown. You capture the poverty as well as the hope very well, Khun Fly. BW tonaliies are top. Not 100% sure about the pronounced vignetting on the upper left (smaller on the upper right) - that was deliberate, was it? The overlap does serve a purpose - the little one like a younger brother version of themain one, ready to spring into action too, after the prize, though they are pretty much lined up vertically.
It's a slightly "awkward" shot, Simon, a bit of a "snap" but at the same time that gives it greater intimacy, and poignancy.
O hell, I don't know what I'm talking about ;o)

28/11/2007 17:42    from : luisafonso
Very interesting character you have here. His slimness, so typical of Thai boxers, is very beautiful in this context. He has a terrific body expression and the way you engaged him in your photo is very striking. B&W is perfect once again. One day Simon, one day you'll have to share your secrets. ;) As everyone referred previously, the juxtaposition of the kid in the back is a bit annoying, but isn't that bad. I like this one a lot.

28/11/2007 16:16    from : AnimeshRay
Very beautiful black and white tonality and lovely expression. Like Claude to me the weakness is the backgound boy being placed where he is. 

28/11/2007 15:30    from : jinju

Excellent. Funny, emotional. Very nice.

Am I correct? You are sequencing this in pairs of contrasts? First two uploads are kids, play vs work. Then "Sleep well Mom" and tomorrow are old ladies, rest vs active. The this and "my pet" are boys, work vs play. I guess the Strong Sun and Mama Noodle sort of dont follow this but Im stil seeing this arrangement. I think the rhythm is good, and that helps

28/11/2007 11:29    from : claude renault
A very nice capture. Love the smile on this future Thai champ.. The only negative aspect for me is the second boy behind. He akes a bit away from the first one. love the range of grey here..

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