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luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 26/11/2007 21:58:59 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Can't really escape these type of scenes... And Toronto, like every other major consumer targeted city, is a magnetic place to find vibrant advertisings like this one.
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02/12/2007 03:34    from : flydragon
Hello Luis
maybe not a great shot, i mean your best one in this project, but i think this is a god one
to follow your walk and work  in the city.
a beautifull black and white and i do like the signature made in canada ,o)

28/11/2007 20:39    from : Designsoul
Well, Luis, simply amazing... I cannot laugh enough at this... magnificently caught again... the clarity of that goosehead and the running passersby in front...
THAT FACE!!! Should I say something? I won't. I love this so much! :-)
great series Luis! You are picking up quite a steam!

27/11/2007 18:50    from : fixed
Hi Luis
this one is a little bit confusing for me.
wow, I can see in the bottom, that you find a super hero.
nice one and deep impact, thanks to full face advertising.

27/11/2007 06:17    from : jinju
Im no sure if it is picking up steam, it would seem so from this and its unfair to make pronuncements about a series before it is finished so I wont do that, but if this is indeed the case then the series should be a good one. I like this shot. One could say its a bit cliche in that there are many people-walking-past-poster shots out there, I know I was guilty of it. But its a good poster, not really as per the face of the girl but rather the "Made in Canada" text at the bottom. It might have been a bonus if both of the guys had glasses, but its fine. I like the pace here its a big change from the past few uploads. All in all while Im not crazy about it I do like it

26/11/2007 23:26    from : Furachan
Bom Dia, Luis. I must say this series is picking up steam and I regret having judged it prematurely earlier on. This Sarolta-ish piece is very good indeed and extremely well timed. Glad to see you staying the course here and following your star because it is now very much a worthwhile adventure and I look forward to each installment. -F

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