Steady State

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 02/07/2008 22:52:05 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Adraga Beach, Almoçageme.
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05/07/2008 10:21    from : Stig
I'd say this is one of your better ones, Luis. The sky is very special here, and it's nice to see that you've included some of the sand at the bottom.

03/07/2008 18:47    from : Designsoul

Ola, dear friend--what a spectacle! Am so happy you're posting again. Sheer beauty, again. The colours, these exquisite Nolde-esque colours are both expressionistic and serenely warm... pure delight. You are a true master of the Atlantic Light, Luis--I won't repeat myself as to your mastery of the medium...

hope summer is lovely in Lisboa. Here we are having a real monsoon season, so to say.


03/07/2008 03:48    from : prezntime

Man, I'll tell you...the perfection of your landscapes is stumbling. I get weak in the knees when I see your (as my daughter would say) SkillZ...Just tremendous light and balance to this with the whole series. Knowing what it takes to get those skies, how do you manage those foregrounds...SkillZ my friend, Skillz...




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