Maple Leaves

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 25/11/2007 22:01:49 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
The leaf of the maple tree is Canada's national symbol. And the symphony of colors the trees sow over the streets of Toronto during October might well be the ultimate hymn to the city's diversity and multiculturalism. Never ever I felt with more intensity the shoes of the Immigrant as here.
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30/11/2007 11:23    from : luan
An subtle image Luis, full of "sub heard", at the same time poetic and dramatic...I like the way you show us immigration with a "Nature Morte" photo style.

29/11/2007 04:44    from : Designsoul

Beautiful and elegiac, Luis. A very poignant piece, reminds me of Van Gogh, who could punch a hole in the heart with one chair or a pair of clogs. Yes, being an immigrant... it is a very complex story and state, indeed... I so would like to hear what you were feeling during that stay in Toronto. Your shots move me...


27/11/2007 13:19    from : galeota

I find your photograph and your note interesting because they both made me realize how I would like to make a project based on immigrants. I do not know if you ever heard about Jean Mohr, a Swiss photographer living in Geneva, and particularly his work called Travailleurs migrants which I think is one of the most touching references on the subject. I would not pretend of course to steal your idea, but Geneva could be a starting point to a thoughtful project on immigrants, since it is a multicultural city (to the point it has lost any inner/original characteristic). All this makes me think that your project in Toronto could have been anchored in such a theme, if only you had chosen to lead our imagination that way (you have the first guy who seems more like a Polish than a Canadian, then the Asian man in Chinatown, now the worn shoes which are so symbolic). A journey around foreign Toronto through the eyes of a foreigner, that’s what would have thrilled me now that I think about it. I like this image very much.

26/11/2007 23:54    from : alimo3
Hello Luis,

I think that you touch a crucial point with this picture  , I mean the magical ability  of photography  to make us thinking of …
There is poetry or  sadness in your Nice BW pic  but the beauty is that anybody could imagine the end of the story.


26/11/2007 07:22    from : AnimeshRay
A superb black and white, but coupled with your note it is a poignant image.

26/11/2007 01:05    from : jinju
Ot probably is the best composition of the series so far. Every pixel here is filled with important elements. Sure, its also  very quiet photo, a still life essentially but it really does grab me and its also a very symbolic shot...every leaf different yet all maple leaves.

25/11/2007 22:30    from : Furachan
A very eloquent shot, Luis. Perhaps my favorite of the series so far, lovingly composed. very nice, Francis

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