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luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 23/11/2007 00:15:27 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Lisboa doesn't have a Chinatown. But Toronto, like every major American city, has one. The scents, the colorful neon signs filled with oriental characters, the busy consumerism, the endless varieties of vegetables on the market stalls and the people. I will never forget the first time I visited NY Chinatown neither I will forget Toronto's cozy version of it. It's so beautiful and so magically strange at the same time... I found a lot of people with trolleys in this area. It was Saturday morning, just the right time to dive into the market. I wish I could go back. I am sure the roasted ducks in the windows are still waiting for me.
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29/11/2007 17:19    from : flydragon
"Lisboa doesn't have a Chinatown"
hhehe i remember that i found a Chiness restaurant in Lisboa
oupsss was so ugly food, and the spring rool was so big and beurk
but i do remember how good was the food in Lisboa i am sure i get some kg
when i was there for few days.
About this pics i think i miss something on the left part.

24/11/2007 09:57    from : galeota
Luís, I've been desperating to find  a streamline  in your walk around the streets of Toronto, but it seems to me more and more that you're not leading us to a precise point, but only inviting us to stroll around in your company, with no particular start and no particular end. Perhaps I should have accepted that earlier and enjoyed this series in a different way. Hence it seems to me as if you're showing us a multitude of small individual stories, not related between them if it isn't for the fact they take place in the same city. That's an interesting approach of another way tho put together a project, which deserves also to be explored. Perhaps you should then make an ideep focus on each individuality to render his singularity in a more evident way for the viewer. keep up!

23/11/2007 22:04    from : AnimeshRay
Certainly in keeping with the theme of your series. However, I am not sure if the photo itself is a strong one...a flavor of your unique vision is missing, it seems too nameless a photo.  I hope I am able to express my impression here.  I like to see a bit more of your thought process through the photos, less of a documentary and more of your interpretation.  Certainly that is not what many would perhaps like to see necessarily and would probably disagree with me here.

23/11/2007 07:33    from : Furachan
Hello Luis: truth be told I am fascinated by the idea of your project - it seems perfectly valid to me. Of course you set yourself a hell of a challenge - how to come back with enough strong images to constitute a solid series. This one is well composed and well timed, though still a bit on the "facile" side compared to your first that kicked the door in so to speak - that one really "moved" and since then it's been quite a job to recapture that momentum, that raw sense of the streets. I'm with you though, Luis, genuinely looking forward to each installment. Best wishes, Francis

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