Ocean Breeze

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 23/05/2008 22:16:12 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Adraga Beach, Almoçageme.
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25/05/2008 00:50    from : Luko
I was wondering why you dropped some coal in your panna cotta in the foreground... Panna cotta's good, especially when you top it with Blueberry sirup and some caramel like in this image.
What you say : this is not an EDIBLE image? you're kidding me, right?

Jeeze, I'll never understand those landscapes... if you can't taste, lick or drink  them, then what's the point??? 

24/05/2008 12:12    from : bullabulla
because I am far to be a technical specialist I am always very impresssed by this kind of picture and wonder how it is possible.
`You may use a low speed a stick and maybe a filter.
Anyway it is great to be able to realize this kind of work.


24/05/2008 01:21    from : Xavis

Hola! An incredible depth with a nice job with lights and colours. May be a little too much brightness on the first row but in any way a really well done picture and a good add to your projet.

Hasta la vista,


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