The queen birthday

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 15/05/2008 19:29:43 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
As many know it,  the king is very respected in Thailand. It is also the case of the queen.
I was able to attend this day a dance show in a school, to celebrate the anniversary of the queen. The show was indeed, but I admit to prefer backstage.
I am going to end this project with this photo. I believe that to present the portrait of bankokers, it would be necessary, much more images, it will give me the opportunity to make a part 2.

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17/03/2010 00:19    from : kajspice

24/05/2008 18:05    from : Luko
Outstanding crop, so complex yet easy to read, nothing is posed, so full of life, no square inch remains empty in the frame. The BW is so smooth and dynamic also.
One of my favorites from you.

16/05/2008 08:05    from : jinju
like Siddartha I like the smoothness of this one. Its not oversharpened, infact it looks unsharpened, but not blurry or soft..just silk

16/05/2008 07:17    from : Siddhartha
i gotta learn how to process my digital b&w's to a rendering such as the one above...oh did you attain this kind of 'smoothness'?
you were in the thick of things in the back stage, which is apparent through your photograph...but how does the photograph as a standalone representation of a celebration of the queen's anniversary hold out,  i am left to ponder...

16/05/2008 04:37    from : brian
Love the tense anxious faces all throughout the frame. You just know this is backstage by the looks. Great cropping up top on her head. I love it. I also think your BW conversion is very good. Very silvery with absolute blacks and whites. Brian

16/05/2008 00:33    from : Furachan
Bonjour Simon: j'aime neaucoup e crop en haut a gauche ainsi que le traitement NB, une tres belle photo (je pensais a Tom Aliser a premier abord...) Bravo.

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