Conspiracy Theory

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 20/11/2007 23:18:17 project: A day in Toronto \ America \ Canada \ Toronto
Just a statement with a smile in the middle of Dundas Square.
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29/11/2007 17:16    from : flydragon
I like this one, i like the mood. well coposed with this sign on the corner
also this guy looking at you make a connection.
I like this kind of street picture with a lot sign and words
ok i follow you again to the next one

22/11/2007 18:39    from : Designsoul

Ola Luis. Sorry for the huge backlog but have been racing with time... I enjoy your Canadian observations, would be interesting to hear more, am really curious! This one is a great street shot with perfect timing, lots to observe and ponder. As to your subject, as much as I am not in favour of preemptive wars, I think that the guy's message is wholly misinformed and part of a wide range of conspiracy theories that just do not hold the water... but the shot is not about taking sides of course, it is about presenting someone who does, and for that it is excellent!

Take care Luis, from Ottawa under a heavy blanket of snow

21/11/2007 05:50    from : AnimeshRay
Terrific black and white contrast and real style to this composition.

21/11/2007 04:01    from : jinju
I like it. So thats a "truther" eh? Always thoughtthose guys were stupid. Perfect face, for it is a stupid face. Stupid smile. What I like here is the "loose change" as its a great summation of this bunch..they have some loose change in their brains:)

20/11/2007 23:26    from : Furachan
He may be smiling, Luis, but his message is one of the more corrosive (some might say sickening) conspiracy theories around, tantamount to a non-guilty verdict for Bin Laden and the 15 other Saudis on board those plans. Dunno what this idiot is smiling about... Having said that this is a much more challenging, busy scene than the previous, certainly there is plenty to hold ou interest here. Well composed and timed too.

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