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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 13/05/2008 21:09:14 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
in bangkok Zoo, a young bankoker ;o) didn't allow me to take is picture.
His name is P, its a funny and naughty boy.
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17/05/2008 13:02    from : Iva_R

A la fois ludique et rappelant les terreurs enfantines (des crocos...), contre lesquels le garçon semble tout près à se battre! Une photo qui m'évoque beaucoup de choses (ben oui, j'avais une terreur des crocos, petite!) et que, à ce titre j'aime beaucoup.

15/05/2008 21:22    from : marietom
hello Simon,

Celle ci est tout simplement exceptionnelle !
Il n'a peur de rien, cet enfant, on se sent fort, à cet âge là !

14/05/2008 22:09    from : Xavis
Hola! The first time that I have seen this projet. Simply, direct, strong. A great composition catch in the perfect moment, giving also a graphic feeling.

Nice projet.

Hasta la vista, and becarefoul with the little bangkokers ;-)


14/05/2008 18:08    from : stevev1

I'm glad you didn't hesitate to take the shot as it turns out to be a smashing, picture especialy due to the pressence of that crocodile and the posure of the boy.
Truly nice work

14/05/2008 01:00    from : alimo3
Hi Simon,
i love this one and i find it really funny,
i think that X sign means : Stop it or i am gonna throw you big camera at the crocodile  ;-)
exquisite half serious attitude of the boy.


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