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Canadians are wonderful people. Very helpful, very sympathetic. I was at the airport wasting my Canadian dollars on some gifts to my wife and after doing some math in order to ensure that all my bills and coins remained in its country I forget to add the usual taxes. Not a thing a European is always aware of. Anyway, as I was prepared to pay the remained one and a half dollars with my Visa a quick young man offered to pay the remaining. "You ran out of our money, right?" he asked. I said yes, but it would be no problem to pay it with my credit card. He insisted and I thanked. My mother always told me it is very rude to recuse an offer. This is just an example of how human Canadians are.
Of course this note has nothing to do with the current subject...  This stolen portrait in University Avenue is just my homage to these beautiful people.
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29/11/2007 17:12    from : flydragon
a nice portrait to continue this project, even a good quality i am not realy fan of this one
maybe to simple no story in this pics.

20/11/2007 01:37    from : jinju
It is nice for what it is Luis, a simple nice portraiture, but I do miss the complexity you give us so many times. When I think of your street work its either complex or highyl visually striking. Im not quite getting this here with this photo. Again, a nice portrature but its not hitting the bullseye for me.

19/11/2007 22:11    from : AnimeshRay

Hi Luis,

Very interesting note with the photo. In the photo I see a straight-in-the-eye look of an obviously confident young man, I hope a Canadian and not a visitor from Poland, a very nice bokeh that places him against an interesting building. I like the balance and the tone separation you achieved.  A good addition to your day in Toronto.

19/11/2007 14:05    from : Furachan
Okay here goes. Luis, I don't know how all this will look as an "ensemle" when you're done but here's the thing: the first picture was complex, dynamic and resonated on different levels, not least of which was the Portuguese connection ;o) Here you give us an unshaved and rather gloomy looking chap with a "Canada" on his cap, standard order portrait, subject to the side, steet in the background. This photo, by your own lofty standards, is ordinary, one-dimensional and I don't feel the sense of generosity and welcoming that you write about, Also he's got that 40 growing outta the top of his head. Sorry but (as an exercise in honesty and cranking things up a notch from the "other place"), I have to say - I dont get it.

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