Morning Wine No.4

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 18/11/2007 00:22:39 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest

No. 4 of my Morning Wine series, this time with a man who must have been an authentic regular at the Market Hall.  
(Perhaps the last of this mini-series, having recently uploaded it elsewhere...)

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07/01/2008 18:22    from : ALSOM
Shadow & light are really the key feature of this project.
I like this one, the way you managed to highlight his face & regard is very nicely done. The silhouette in the bg is interesting I wish it could send us back to the main character.

Few things I wish I could have better in this photo:
- i did not see the glass at th first sight, his hand looked empty giving a strange body attitude.
- maybe toodark on the left side, would love to see more details.

Alain -

09/12/2007 14:24    from : Bip-Bip
The wonderful light management is the connecting thread of your project, especially in this one with the delicate ornementation of the background similar to a filigree
Also a lot of respect and beautiful b&w in your serie.

20/11/2007 19:59    from : galeota
I regret to learn this series is going to stop with this last post. All these photographs are exceptional in the mastering of light, but mainly in the portraying of social alcoholism which is one of the most tragical floods of human's history. The fact you stop here, not pushing further the concept and the message you'd like (perhaps) to vehicle, leaves me with a kind of sour taste. This personal feeling is somehow exaggerated because of the excellency of this scene. The silhouette in the background could be this same man when freed from his glass of wine.

19/11/2007 22:21    from : luisafonso
At the thumbnail, I always see a beard man... It reminds me a young Wagner somehow. Don't ask me why... This is my favorite of the series till now. You replaced the beautiful art nouveau background with an intricate movie scene. There is a shadow arriving, bag of paper in his hand. Is it more wine coming? We will never know. What we know is that this is a great light and shadow game, full of details, textures and patterns. A humanity in its highest form. A favorite.

19/11/2007 04:13    from : jinju
I love this series Sarolta. Simple reason being how tight it is. You have these very similar photographs repeating upon each other and it adds a real solidity to the whole project. For this reason it is one of my fav series on PH. As far as the photo goes, another fine example of the use of light and shadow to emphasize whats important

19/11/2007 04:03    from : flydragon
Hello Sasa
4 picture in this project and 4 jewel
here again a beautifull work with light.
i agree also about what people said about the background
and this black man shadow. a very interesting project.

18/11/2007 18:47    from : AnimeshRay
Dramatic mood, the close study of this remarkable face is all the more thought provoking through that ghostly silhouette in the background. Looks like you had fun exploring ghosts in Budapest!

18/11/2007 14:33    from : claude renault
As in all of this serie what I like the most is the light you were able to get. In this one the light is just perfect., but I know you are responsible or this. It's also well framed, classic and eficient.

18/11/2007 02:32    from : Furachan
Good morning Sarolta. Yes, it is hard to add to what Tom has so justifiably pointed out, including the shadow presence to tjeleft, like a ghost on the man's shoulder. Well here is an additinal observation: all your men are "erly morning drinkers" in this series, knocking back huge glasses of local white which in my experience of similar behavior in France means...this is their nreakfast - in oher words these are men in NEED of a drink and who would NOT like to tarde that for a more normal croissant or whatever is the norm in Hungary. Yet that all have marveloous faces and (in our hands) great presence and dignity. Whata series... Best, Francis

18/11/2007 01:27    from : alimo3

Hi Sarolta,
Still this beautiful light that is all over you serie,
I love the background with shade and steel structure that remind me our cherished “ tour Eiffel “
I also like the balance with the second man on the back and dark side.


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