AmiBe / © Pascal Boegli - 05/04/2008 21:23:46 project: People of the lake \ Africa \ Malawi \ Mangochi District
Another simple group portrait of cool malawian guys...
They relax, repairing a little their nets.
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14/04/2008 20:43    from : vapours
The simplicity of this image puts a real positive and fresh appearance to these guys. Like the rest of your series you are doing a good job of showing the good life in this area.

07/04/2008 19:11    from : flydragon
A nice scene Pascal
i do love the POV here
contrast and color are great
a good add to your project

06/04/2008 13:16    from : Xavis

Hola, what a pleasure to see yours pictures. With this warm lights and saturated colours, and this nice compositions. I like a lot how you have took the relaxed attitude of this people.
Well done, and for me, may be one of the best projets that I have seen.

Hasta la vista,


06/04/2008 02:10    from : alimo3
Hi Pascal,
nice pic of those fisherman,
you ve got a beautiful warm light and the low point of view gives power to the scene.
great colors and relaxed attitude of the guys ,every is there to make a cool image.


05/04/2008 22:40    from : Terrapin
Hi Pascal,
Very nice posing of the three men...
The low point you choose to take the shot made it more interesting, together with pleasant light and colors...


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