flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 31/03/2008 20:16:59 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
The Thai boxing can be very violent sometime. with tragic ending.
Lucky here the boxer was just comatose.
I have recently seen a movie from Olivier Dahan ( La Môme ) about Edith Piaf life.
She had a love story and tragic story with the great boxer Marcel Cerdan, who die in a crash plane.

here a song from Edith Piaf  ( mon Dieu ), she sang this song after Marcel Cerdan died.
(sorry in french)

PS: i will complete this project with this last picture, i would like this project short.
i spent just few hour in the Stadium. i didn't want make a big reportage about Thai boxing
my idea was to get some pics for my bangkok reportage.
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02/04/2008 18:51    from : vapours
A great way to end the series, and I think I could almost say that this project is one of my favourites since my short history on this site. A great connection between all three people here, and its another photo you should be proud of.

01/04/2008 19:25    from : Designsoul
Amazing work, sorry the series is over, but perhaps better to keep the creme de la creme. This one is one of its best, I think... it is very powerful, all the more so as the Thai boxer is comatose. Amazing what they can endure for fame, I never have understood this most agressive sport, unless for a little letup after the office ;-)
Great lighting again, very strong content that's perfecly fitting to the tilt you're using. Loved this series, Simon--but which one of yours don't I?

01/04/2008 07:16    from : jinju
Quite nice Simon,

theres certainly a feel of drama and tragedy here, even if he is "only comatose" (though hopefully not in a coma LOL). Its a good ending, certainly a good variety of photos and long enough to show this even well enough. I know that there was some disagreements about one of your shots though for me persoanlly Mooooove is the weakest work in he project for the reason I stated in the critique.

01/04/2008 02:40    from : Furachan
Superb shot and a fitting end to a landmark series ;o))) Seriously the layers are terrific here, starting with the prone fighter, then the concerned doctor and the "ambulancier" standing and looking down, the whole "strie" by the ropes. Just excellent work, once again, Simon. Really.

31/03/2008 22:29    from : fixed
Thx for the song Simon ;) ... a little bit disapointed when I saw "La Môme" (remember I was in a plane to Delhi last year...), but a nice film anyway.

KO it seems the end of fight. Very nice (and adapted) picture for closing this project. I like a lot what this picture was builted and how the time is suspended.

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