Lights for the night

AmiBe / © Pascal Boegli - 30/03/2008 11:15:33 project: People of the lake \ Africa \ Malawi \ Mangochi District
This man lit some lamps. Fishermen use them during the night.
With the light on their boat, the fish are coming on the surface of the lake.
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31/03/2008 18:03    from : marietom
Salut Pascal,

Tu as un nombre de phtoos d'Afrique impressionnant, toutes plus belles les unes que les autres...  Jolie composition cette fois encore, et superbe lumière, la lumière de là-bas...

31/03/2008 15:32    from : brevbrev14
salut Pascal,  again the warm tones are so good here...
i like a lot this scene of daily life, interestin moment captured!

30/03/2008 22:37    from : Designsoul
Salut Pascal. As tight a crop as you can get and very nicely balanced work. The mood is lovely, the warm setting sun casting long shadows as the turkey is looking for seeds is giving a unique atmosphere to the shot.

30/03/2008 19:35    from : flydragon
Not the best in your project Pascal, but a nice scene.
good light and color to make this project look warm.

30/03/2008 13:58    from : jinju
For sure its a nice one. Not as stunning as the one of the silhouettes but a good project runs on more than one gears, just like with a good sports car, whats the fun of going all out when you can take it on a curvy road and run the full spectrum of gears. This one has its charms in the details and the light. Great mood.

30/03/2008 13:32    from : proxilva

Ciao Pascal,

Still that african laid back feeling that really makes this project. Colors, light and eyelevel compositon are very nice here again... in the distance in the back we see another man sitting probably posing for the next shot in this project :o)

I like this project very much Pascal


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