Fire bis

steph / © Stephane Wierzbicki - 29/03/2008 18:03:28 project: African portraits \ Africa \ Namibia \ Tsumeb
This one will close finally this project. Hope You will like it
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01/04/2008 11:40    from : Luko
This one is the best of the bunch for me, I like the softness and the almost lith-a-like colors. Compsoition is also spot on too with a kind of diagonal going up the frame.
Maybe you should try to rework some of your portraits to give them a similar aesthetic layout.

30/03/2008 19:23    from : Terrapin
Stromg portrait close to feel the agony on his face...
A portrait with full action!


30/03/2008 11:53    from : AmiBe
Hello Stephane,
Bonne ambiance dans cette image, ton cadrage rapproché met bien en valeur ce geste ancestrale.
J'aime le léger flou et les teintes qui transporte cette image dans un autre temps.

30/03/2008 01:55    from : Furachan
A little soft but very fine work nnetheless, beautifully situated (cropped) within the frame, Stephane. Really a quality shot that seems like it might have been taken long agon...

29/03/2008 19:10    from : flydragon
Not that sharp  but strong composition Steph
i do agree with Animesh about this one and the opening picture and this one.
he seems very concentrate to make this fire.

29/03/2008 18:51    from : AnimeshRay
This one, like your opening image of this series, is very strong.  This one is my favorite in the series.

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