Sea of Gold

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 26/03/2008 20:09:39 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Adraga Beach, Almoçageme.
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28/03/2008 07:11    from : Everlasting
Another beautiful seascape. I dont even need to look at the name, there are not many that can capture the light and the sea as you.

27/03/2008 18:51    from : proxilva

Ciao Luis,

Very nice we continue our walk along the beach :o) Great sky with the windy clouds and i realy like the rock in the water, it looks like an old ship, wrecked along the coast almost ready to be swallowed by the waves and queecking and cracking gives in before it goes forever to Davy Jones locker hehehe 

nice one again

27/03/2008 14:00    from : marietom
Hello Luis,

C'est un magnifique paysage, avec une lumière à couper le souffle, très beau !

26/03/2008 21:05    from : Designsoul

You can't cease to amaze me Luis with these incredible seascapes... my mind opens and feels the spaceousness of being--gorgeous shot, absolutely magical--why to even try to talk of technicalities?

Hope all is well. Glad you are posting again!


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