flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 23/03/2008 17:00:48 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Who will be more tired ? boxer or coach !!
he was so concentrate on the fight. This satdium is one of the most important
in Bangkok, the wager are really important here.
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31/03/2008 18:50    from : marietom
Hello Simon,

Un joli tableau de quatre expression bien différentes !
C'est très bien réalisé.

27/03/2008 19:26    from : proxilva

Ciao fly,

nice this mini movie inside the main feature. As always you are full of suprises, so we could expect a funny twist in this project. This coach sure didn't let you down when it comes to gestures and expesssions. Great idea to include him in the fight like this...


24/03/2008 08:13    from : Furachan
Fascinating experiment in "montage" here, Simon, and very successful it is too. Whether it absolutely fits in "tonally" with the rest of the series is...debatable. All in all though this is a brilliant project.

ps. Pas de prob pour ton commentaire d'hier, tu avais raison ;o) Je me repose un peu de Holik (question "upload") en attendant mon voyage a Hanoi...

24/03/2008 08:06    from : jinju
Its good. Its not a killer but it does one thing well...I like the ue of the 4 shots to show the range of emotions. One thing for me is that the 2 photos on top are almost identical, and it would be better to have something different. Id like an emption that is an opposite of the one at the bottom right corner, I dont think the top 2 shots offer that range of emotions.

23/03/2008 18:42    from : steph

Les mots me manques... j'adore. mais c un grillage au premier plan ou derriere?? c strange.

Bravo, belle compo en 4


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