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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 21/03/2008 02:55:42 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
time to go fight. i do remember when i took this picture, i was thinking, its should be strange to be him now, and going to fight.
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29/03/2008 10:12    from : luan
COucou Simon,
Est ce un combat de boxe thai ou bien bien une lutte en-huilée ;o) ... une bien bone photo tout resique dans la pression qui monte petit a petit avant un combat !
Atmosphere qd tu nous tiens

21/03/2008 09:01    from : eleparc
what is very appealing to me is the glowing skin of those fighters... It does enhance their presence in the shots and makes them the real centre of attention! I like the way you are building tension in this series slowly leading us to the ring and the fight! let's go towards a grand finale!


21/03/2008 07:44    from : AnimeshRay

Strikingly close, yet we see all around the boxer.  Magic with the wide angle.  Dramatic and effective documentary.


21/03/2008 03:14    from : jinju
Love the glistening skin, it really ties back to that shot of the massage table....a very pre-climactic shot...great use of the wide..16-35 on the full frame, must be fun. Francis is right, anyway for me its wide only only only. Though I tell ya, doing that TKD series I often wished for a tele....

21/03/2008 03:09    from : Furachan
This first class series is demonstrating a kind of comic book intensity as we get closer to the match. The thing that is necoming more and more obvious is how "alone" teh young fighter is - we know that in the end no one, not the trainers, not the masseurs, not the hangers on will do the fighting for him, - he walks alone. Terrific framing here, Simon, again a fine demonstratiuon of what can be achieved with a wideangle and only with a wide...

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