training and patience

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 20/03/2008 09:45:56 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
In one evening there is about 6 or 7 fight in the stadium. The boxer should be very patient.
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21/03/2008 10:56    from : proxilva

hahaha from this photo i start to wonder who is more excited you or the boxer fly? ;o)

the blur is great, maybe you could have pumped up the aggression a bit by adding a bit more contrast. Now the moment, wich is great timed, gets a bit lost in the background wich has the same color.

exciting series 

21/03/2008 02:24    from : jinju
I like it. This is a moody blur, though i wouldnt mind more blur to be honest. But the mood is here, the action is always shaky and chaotic isnt it?

20/03/2008 23:13    from : eleparc
fais gaffe le mec t'a repéré, au moindre coup de 200mm il te frappe! pas facile de faire des photos pour holik!  c'est pô un peu flou  et trop centré? ce que j'en dis... LOL

20/03/2008 13:23    from : yanseiler
Salut Simon, je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de commenter les premières photo de cette série que j'aime beaucoup avec ce que j'en ai vu... Par contre celle-ci me dérange car il me semble que ton flou n'est pas maîtrisé... Il me semble que tu voulais qu'il soit net avec le flou d'arrière plan, un flash second rideau aurait déchiré pour ce plan... Si tout était flou(de bougé) ou si le fond était net et le monsieur flou ok mais là je ne croche pas, certains accidents donnent de très beaux résultats mais ici je ne pense pas que cela en soit une...

20/03/2008 13:05    from : Furachan
Good feeling, good sweaty mood to this one to, Fly. To be honest, I think maybe the shutter speed thing is somewhere in the middle here - more blurred  might have been better as your focus hits on his arm from what I can see. Still the mood is easily strong enough to carry the shot, a fine progression in this exciting series...

20/03/2008 09:53    from : Terrapin

Hi Simon,
It's time for action!You can feel the patient to his look...
This slight blur helps to enjoy see the motion of his body...
Very good work again!

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