last massage

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 19/03/2008 00:41:22 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
the lasy massage for this boxer before fight, and last time for more concentration.
i was wonder what he was thinking at this time, i wonder if the boxer are effraid before fight.

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03/04/2008 03:39    from : prezntime
This is my favorite shot of the series. Somehow I feel the stress more when looking at this photo, the covered eyes, the fact that the sharpness is perfectly placed so the fighter seems isolated even though there is another in the shot. Lighting is great, right up my alley with some dark tones...excellent, fave for me.

19/03/2008 04:48    from : jinju
really good one...just as we thought you were going to take us out there but you are still gonna make us wait...and I think thats good. Some would rush to the action, but I think this is as exciting and interesting as the action in the ring.

19/03/2008 01:46    from : Furachan
Oui c'est tout a fait ca... cette atmosphere moite et tendue, au fond de cette immense arene, sueur, reves de Se soulever au dessus de ses origines modestes, fuir la pauvrete, tout y est. Du grand travail, Simon.

19/03/2008 00:46    from : fixed
Désolé je ne commente pas tout, les mots manquent un peu ...
Toutes tes images ont une atmosphère moite, lourde
Un peu tendu, on y est.

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