flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 17/03/2008 01:04:42 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Another important thing before the fight, massage and oil will keep the muscles warm.
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24/03/2008 23:29    from : Designsoul

They also used a great deal of body oil in the Greek Olympics--and now you are shooting him just like that, with his beautifully curved, muscular legs being massaged by these men. Superb intimate behind-the-scenes shot, glad you met that Sargeant Noodle :)))

Here the wide-angle works wonders with the foreshortening and this superb luminosity that is reflected by the mirror surface of the thai boxer's impeccable body. Love the way these men are hard at work, the composition is enlivened.

Ciao (sorry I haven't been around for a while, missed many gems)


20/03/2008 19:02    from : korki

this is my favorite in this project... the way his body shines is very eye-catching... i like how the guys are concentrated on what they are doing... beautiful diagonal compo, really nice shot...



18/03/2008 15:11    from : tehanu_f
However much I find oily, glowing bodies disgusting, I should admit they look great in photos. ))) I love this project.

17/03/2008 22:43    from : eleparc
The glowing light on his oily skin is just fantastically graphical and artisty! I love it! This is a very intimate shot! You seem to be part of the family and you become our opened eyes.. Great series so far!

17/03/2008 14:12    from : proxilva

Ciao simon,

Ouchhh lucky you to be invited to such a marvelous scene, and lucky us for being invited to view your work from there ;o) Ofcourse we are ready for the action but i think you build up the tension some more. And who says 1 picture a day is to few, at least it leaves us something look forward to :o)

great stuff


17/03/2008 14:06    from : Terrapin

Hi Simon,
when the much will start...I think this is a real interesting project and unique...
The preperations before the action...I like it very much!


17/03/2008 11:50    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, great moment captured before the fight..
the light is fantastic, good action shot

17/03/2008 06:15    from : Furachan
Oh yeah! This is going to be a great series, Fly! There is a touch of Eugene Smith here, a kind of hospital scene, great lighting, intimacy. It's all there. What we have here is Simon at the top of his powers. Look out!!!

17/03/2008 02:46    from : AnimeshRay
What a view! Superbly photojournalistic, but also takes into advantage every line and curve.  There is a palpable intensity and urgency without being obvious.  This latter is what I like about this series so far--the players are totally engrossed with themselves, seemingly unaware of the camera. Tones are just fabulous.

17/03/2008 01:11    from : jinju
This is what I meat by intimate access. I think for me the most important thing about a project is how close and intimate it is. I want to see a human drama and you are giving it to us, Simon.

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