the nerve fight

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 16/03/2008 00:35:44 project: One fight in bangkok \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
I could start this project with a picture from fight. i would like more start with this one, a picture from backstage. Outside its very noisu and busy, in the backstage its very quiet, its another kind of fight, the combat of nerve, The boxer have to wait long time before going on stage. i guess this part is maybe more difficult. Here a boxer is waiting with his coach. His is siting on the massage table. His body is cover with oil to maintain his muscles warm.
I did choice this picture because i liked the concentration of the bxer and his coach.
Maybe the Coach is praying for a victory.
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18/03/2008 11:59    from : ALSOM
Pour l'instant, c'est ma préférée. Le réussite de cette photo repose sur les 2 attitudes de concentrations, 2 façons de se concentrer avant de livrer le "même" combat, avec un impact physique certain pour l'un et sans doute psychologique pour l'autre. j'ai eu l'occasion d'assiter un une rencontre de Muay Thai à Samui: c'est terriblement violent, surtout quand une cheville fait un "bise" à la nuque de l'adversaire. C'est marrent j'aurais bien vu ce tilt pour une photo après la combat, histoire de renforcer cette impression d'après combat, ou le perdant qui a recu un coup fatal ne sait plus ou il est, titube et voit son environnement chaviré ;o) !

Je serai intéressé de voir comment tu vas aticuler ta série qui pourrait comprendre une avant, pendant et après combat. Est-ce qu'il y aura des photos du 'pendant'. Je me pose la question car je travaille sur une série qui comprend ces 3 phases et j'hésite à mettre des photos du 'pendant' ou du moins seulement à le suggérer.

17/03/2008 00:55    from : jinju
All the while I was doing my TKD I wanted close access to a subject. I think thats where my TKD series fell flat, it was not intimate. You got it man, the access, and Im expecting intimacy from this. Sort of like the street theater project you did, again backstage here, showing those quiet moments.

16/03/2008 19:43    from : Terrapin
Hello Simon,
Very impresive and cinematic scene...I like the different expression of the boxer and the coach.Very dramatic as a moment...Looking forward to next one!

16/03/2008 12:45    from : eleparc
Indeed a favorite! The choice of a vertical framing was excellent as well as the expressions of both the boxer, all in concentration, and his coach into his prayers for a victory... the b&w pp, needless to say, is a premium work! I like the softness of this overall backstage photo.. A grand photo my friend!
I realize that you often shoot at 1600 ISO, this is teaching me something indeed... Thanks for the lesson, master Fly!

16/03/2008 04:50    from : AnimeshRay
Superb, Simon!  What a photo! Straight into my favorites. 

16/03/2008 03:37    from : David Procter
What an opportunity you made for yourself, this is destined to be a super series. This is a very intimate scene and the contrasting emotions from fighter and coach are well realised here. Great tension, a good first choice.

16/03/2008 01:29    from : Furachan
Great stuff, Fly, a powerful, moody start to a very pomising project. I love the way you fill every centimeter lf tis vertical frame, and the expression of the coach. Splendid work. Bravo!

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