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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 15/03/2008 01:24:53 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
THERE ARE few performances more elegant than traditional Thai Dance with its graceful movements, its brilliant color, its soft rhythm and its radiating presence. Thai Dance, known as "Fawn Thai", was originally an art performed for the royal courts of old Siam. The dance troupes were formed within the courts and their precision and beauty was the highlight of every performance. Today, although "Fawn Thai" is still a very important part of royal performances, the dancers are selected and trained from among the general population and dance performances themselves are often an event for the general public.

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16/03/2008 20:28    from : AmiBe
eh, eh, eh, rigolo ce portrait :)
Son visage sympathique contraste avec son geste que je qualifierais de peu amical.
Tu nous montres une belles palette des habitants de cette ville.

15/03/2008 22:53    from : Terrapin
His face expession and the reaction with his hands to your camera made the photo.Very enjoyable as a moment and fine as a close up shot!I had the same reaction from a man that I photographed in Athens a year ago and I think those kind of reactions made a photo much more interesting...
Let me find the one and only album of Sex Pistols in my record collection, to listen it again after a long time...
Punks not dead of course!!!


15/03/2008 14:01    from : Furachan
I remember you describing this picture to me in detail in BKK, SImon, how the man's gesture, and his many piercings were a little menacing at first but underneath he was just a nice young Thai guy. And now we have the actual photograph. Nice low POV and close, CLOSE shooting (the hands are "huge", proof of close wideangle shooting). It's a pretty decent street portrait, the face is little "soft" on my screen though - just a little bit, to my eyes. More precisely though, I feel it lacks "weight" as a photograph - it is rather lightweight in spite of the usual high standard of PP. I keep commenting on this project, it fascinates me because it is, to my eyes, below the kind of "thick" textural work you are usually capable of.
Again I can't really fault it technically but it doesn't "wow" me like so much of your other work. I think perhaps you wanted to do something fast, quick, off the cuff, in the BKK street, and this is the result. These are more like snapshots and "sketches than finished work, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, do you know what I mean?
Oh well...

15/03/2008 01:49    from : jinju
Theres a nice mix of wide angle captures and straight on portraits in this. If anything I think more of these sorts of straight on portraits would do your project a lot of good. Good work Simon.

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