bad mood

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 13/03/2008 02:55:22 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
yeaaa someday it can happen, we wake up in bad mood
and have to go for work, also a foreigner come to take your portrait.
thailand is not just smile country ,o)
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14/03/2008 22:53    from : Terrapin
Hello Simon,
Excellent graphism to this image from the way you take the shot...The diagonal line in the middle made the image different from the usuals street shots together with the perspective to the city and the sky...


13/03/2008 23:38    from : proxilva

hehehe glad to see that not everybody laughs at your famous joke ;o)

cool shot, the cold distant background realy suits the mood for this face,
the tilt is a plus aswell...



13/03/2008 13:23    from : Furachan
Simon, I'm not convinced by this snap - I know where you're coming from with it - I've been there many, many times, my friend: tilts, hurried shots, sometimes even from the "hip", though maybe not here, as focus is good. The highway seems to be grwoing out of the man's head, another half second, and he was clear, eh? Your BW treatment is masterly as always but ultimately this hurried shot,  lke several others in tis series, disappoints a little.
That is just my own personal view, and I'm being honest with you. Yes, there is a raw quality, somewthing harsh here, but set against the sheer poetry of your excellent "in the mood for...", it pales. I don't know if this kind of street shooting where you don't interact with your subjects is really your "thing" deep down. You are a very compassionate photogapher - this kind of shooting suits a differet temperament perhaps.
But hey, technical quality is remarkably high and there is definitely some impact here so I don't want to mark this one down, that wouldn't be fair.

13/03/2008 11:49    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, a nice image and good expressions captured.
Not only smiles in Thailand..
i like the tilt

13/03/2008 07:14    from : jinju
Hi Simon,

a good catch here. Yes, the Land of Smiles isnt always all smiles. Thats a great sky, reminds me of my time in BKK which was basically all cloudy and overcast. Id love to go back, having had only one opportunity to  visit.

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