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09/12/2007 04:30:31
Lens I need:
Nikon 28mm F/2.8 AIS
Nikon 45mm F/2.8 AIS

Thank ya...
09/12/2007 04:35:38
Camera I don't see Nikon FM3A and Hassleblad 500c; please add.

Can you only have 1 camera in your profile? I haven't been able to add a second camera...probably my own ignorance.

By the way, the above cameras are both film.
09/12/2007 04:37:04
Lens I also need:
Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm F/2.8

10/12/2007 17:34:46
The Whats, Whys & Hows of Projects in Photoholik Jesus...
Well...Trying to think properly, it's a little heavy in here. First, I have no idea what I'm doing...projectwise. It's only been just over a year since i picked up a camera, and well under a year since i started with film. For me, that means I have very few photos that i'm happy with and even fewer that could rightfully be grouped into a project...How do I define project? Anything that I'm working on that has a consistant theme or purpose. As I write this I have 1 open project that is, truthfully culled, from other endeavors not truly a project. I am starting a project with a forensic technician buddy of mine after the first of the year and I also began a project about returning soldiers from Iraq. On top of that is a more indepth project about the transitions taking place in Chinatown Washington DC. All of these will take probably months if not years to really complete. I don't have a ton of time right now and can't even go out every weeked to take photos properly, but I'm working on it. I don't want to feel put off because I can't upload a project a week. To say I'm intimidated is an understatement.
First, I enjoy's as simple as that. I don't want to reach the point where I'm not enjoying myself anymore.
Second, I love people...probably as high up on my list as loving photography. With the camera I meet people and am allowed a simple view into their lives (whether they know it or not ;?} )
Third, I am intriqued by the idea of photostories, hence the reason I joined this site.
I am a beginner by any definition of the word. I'm here to learn because I know quite a few of the photographers here; more properly I know quite a few of the photographers' work here and couldn't imagine a better place to learn than with other photogs as serious about their love of photography.
I think Francis is heading in a great direction with his recommendations...I see nothing wrong with some ideas as to what can and does shape a photostory, project, theme...whatever. I think the site must be inviting for photographers that are serious about photography and interested in a critical view of their work. It's great that one must submit shots to join the there is nothing wrong and this will help contain the growth to a higher level of photog.
Structure is good...most music is based on a structure, but genius happens when that structure is tested...I'd like to see the same here on PH.
Remember, you love photography...don't kill it under the wieght of a dictionary.

One other thing, I have a story mostly shot already...not developed though. It's about a house...huh, what do you think of that allowed to be a project? This project might not contain one photo with a human, but the intent is to show how a home can imply humanity. Really don't know if this will work, but if someone states that I can't have a project without humans how will I ever know?

Sorry if this is a little incoherent; I'm at work and rushing...

11/12/2007 04:41:19
The Whats, Whys & Hows of Projects in Photoholik Luko, outstanding...extremely articulate as always.
As I said before, I don't mind loose classifications such as those that Luko outlined above, but, I don't want to curtail creativity. Some have made the case that these guidelines are in no way meant to restrict ones creative output, yet I don't see how I could enter the phrase "long term non linear" into the introduction for a project and not stiffen what should be a very fluid endeavor.
If we are going to place a box around this site, I want it to be a transparent box...I want to see what's going on outside that box.

We must rely on this small communities ability to regulate what is accepted and what is unacceptable through the feedback given to the photographers not through a list of semantic restrictions displayed before ones pictorial output. Projects yes, specific types of

Luko, go ahead...admit it, you were giggling when you put up that smiley with the guns...

11/12/2007 11:52:45
The Whats, Whys & Hows of Projects in Photoholik Ha!

BAD horse.
14/12/2007 03:16:22
SOMEONE RENOVED MY YAKUZA SERIES Hey Francis...I just sent you an e-mail about the series...I failed to read the forum before sending you the note. This is all quite odd. I just don't see how you could have been tracked down so, you know...

Freakin' strange stuff.
25/12/2007 16:26:35
Merry Xmas Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...hug
22/01/2008 04:50:47
ALERT: Completed project Done with Watchful Eyes.
22/01/2008 18:45:16
Why all the BW images on Holik...? Go back in your hole Francis Loo Flush

Color is for wussies!

No, no...just teasing poke

I must say I am with Jorrit here. First, I quite like the look of B&W in general. There are emotional attachments that I form when looking at an image translated into monotones. Second, I really like printing myself and it is much easier to do with B&W film as opposed to color; so that is a big plus. Nothing like getting your hands into the chemicals and watching the image form under a dark light...almost like the physical appeal of sculpture. I do like color, I shoot now and then with slide film. I just don't have a scanner that will scan slides and I don't have enough photos taken for it to matter in the context of PH.
Third, I like grain...nothing like B&W grainy goodness.

Back to my slavelike work Brick Wall

06/02/2008 23:12:45
New version I'm right there with Luko and Sohrab on this; Sohrab's uploading suggestions I think are very good (10 today, wait 9 days). In no way do I think this will become less of a social can still comment on photos if you wish.
I just find myself feeling the blur factor...the shots start looking alike. Too many, too fast in some staccato rhythm. Better to finalize your concept and present it as a whole, that was the point I thought. Right now things are insane for me, I haven't spent a day taking photos in...maybe a month; which is a long time compared to my usual routines. I haven't stopped processing and printing things that I've done though. I just don't have to time to visit every day...and definately no time to write comments to most photos. I'm working on some things but I feel as though they should be presented as a whole as opposed to broken apart. This doesn't mean I won't participate, but it will just be spread quite thin.
13/02/2008 19:48:30
Stuck in a schtick....and not geting out Dude, have you seen the majority of his photos...most don't have anything to do with dogs. Yes, he is known for photographing dogs and has a particular ability to catch some humanity in canines, but most of his shots aren't of dogs. Take a look through "Personal Best", the "dog" shots are a small percentage of this collection...which is extensive.
His philosophy is also attractive to me...simply, he shoots what he finds interesting. It doesn't really matter what other people say or the critical acclaim (so he claims, I don't know the man); he enjoys photography because...well, because.
I like the humor in most of his photos...Take a look at his photo of three people on the beach with an American flag and a bird flying by. All overweight and anonymous...typical of a certain perception of Americans.
Listen, the guy likes dogs...why does it have to be schtick? Could be he could give a rats ass what people think.
17/02/2008 23:47:11
Editing projects. Can I move a photo from one project to another?
19/02/2008 18:35:15
THE MAIN PAGE Hey Simon, well if you ever see anything in my gallery, I'd be honored to have you use the pictures...Feel free.
05/03/2008 17:32:18
ADIEU So Sorry Simon, it's hard to lose a pet...they're very much a part of the family.

13/05/2008 03:20:54
feedback Please use black for the slideshow. i don't know, grey just doesn't do it for me.

Otherwise, the functions seem great. I'll use the photopack later when I tame my less-than-patient self...I should have printed the whole current series before embarking on this particular jaunt.
28/05/2008 03:54:01
Editing Help... With some great disdain, flys circle above.
Awaiting their time to descend and consume
just a little.
Without means to strike or slash,
for words move too slow,
lower your brow
to failings and life
and the world circling below.
05/06/2008 12:07:40
Street Shots But alas, it's only for those shooting in NYC...I'll have to wait for a DC contest...maybe the presidency!
11/06/2008 07:07:19
Editing Help... I've thought about this for a little while...coming back time and again. Why should you separate your appreciation of your wives sexiness (yes, I said it) from her and the son you have together? Those two are intertwined from now on. The moments stolen while your child is in another room; the quick, knowing glances kept from those young eyes. You cannot give up your humanity...most will not forget their virtues.The ability to give and nourish life happens to be one of the most profound experiences of an appreciative persons life. The combination of sexual tension and children can be unsettling, misinterpreted...but, in all reality, the point of sex IS children...we have just developed an appreciation of the process over time...

Thank God.

The mother Goddess...the venus...the fertility mother...all a tribute to women and their ability to produce life and older than any other religion that man has known. Why should we shy away from the truth and hide the exhilaration of childbirth and the inherent attraction that we find in those glowing mothers?

Your wife is beautiful and so is your son; you should be proud and find an anvenue for your creative expression involving both...You're only as good as those that love you.
08/07/2008 17:51:41
ALERT: Completed project Done with my project An Evening With Animesh.

Sorry to hear about your problems Luis, I think diversity in photography is absolutely neccessary...I've tried to cover some different bases. True most are people photography, but I had the project about the house...just started another landscape...etc. Anyway, come back when you're more comfortable.

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