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21/06/2008 19:11:21
THE MAIN PAGE If you still need some....feel free
17/09/2008 18:28:55
Canon EOS 5D Mark II: 21MP and HD movies good news!! anybody ditching their old 5d's?
Can't afford a d700
21/09/2008 16:28:48
Lens Can you please add

NIKON AF-D 28-105 f 3.5-4.5
NIKON 105mm f/2.5 AI-s

Many thanks.
29/09/2008 18:43:51
Musings on the internet - photo and sounds Thanks for those links Luko!!! The Bombay slums essay is fantastic.

I second your request for audio. I was playing with the idea of providing a link to you tube with some of my images as I have several short pieces of film shot by my girlfriend that can give an interesting background to the images. Often you can pinpoint the exact moment where I take my photograph when viewing the film and you get the audio (always great at festivals).
08/10/2008 11:25:15
Darkroom Tech... Ok I'll play...

Let's start with the beginning: exposed film, sicers,bottle opener, Paterson tank. Take a last drag from that cigaret and prepare to face the dark....

I always rewind the film totaly into its canister. If you have some dirt or sand on the film cushion and start to wind it on the film reel scratches are I rewind that film. In the darkroom I make the filmreels wet (makes it easier to wind) crack open the film canister with the bottle opener, take sicors and cut of the filmlead and cut of the edges of the film. Now I gently wind the films on the reels and put them in the Paterson tank.

I prep my chemicals at the very last moment. I used ID-11 (powder) and T-Max developer (liquid). For T-Max films the Kodak develper is great. ID-11 is my developer of choice for Agfa and Ilford.
Mostly I develop at 20°c. Shake for 1 full minute and then for 5 seconds every 30 seconds until the end of the developing time.

Once the developer is out of the tank I quickly put the tank under the water tap and run approx 20°c water for about 15 seconds then change to cold water. I let the water run for about 10 minutes and start to prepare the fix ( Agfa's Agefix solution) that I use both for films and paper. I do not use any stop.

It needs 1+9 solution and I fix for 10 minutes (shaking the tank for 5 seconds every minute)

I then take the reels out of the tank and put them in the sink and fill the sink with running water and I leave it gently running for about 30 minutes.

I then turn of the tap completely and add a few drops of agepon (agfa) but you can also use any soap to do the dishes (no joke it works perfectl).

Then hang the film to dry. If you don't have dedicated hooks with weights I use AA bateries that I attach with tape at the end of the film.

I no longer print myself so I won't give a write-up on how I did it but I totally agree with Luko...Neutol WA tone rocks!!!

I'm a bit biased though as the Agfa-Gevaert factury is located in Mortsel (less then 5km away from where I I support the local economy
09/10/2008 11:36:15
Darkroom Tech... To Steve: What was your method when you did make your own prints. I tend to not pay too much attention to the temp when printing, contrary to the OCD crowd...I find that I can judge the develope by eye under the darklight.

Temperature and mixture determine the developing time. Min. time is very important to get total blacks. You can however not really overdevelop RC paper so you can leave the paper in the tray longer then necessary if you want. You can use pure developer locally, rubbing it on the print with your fingers creating friction (heat) and this can help to bring out just that little extra detail in the highlights.

You say you can develop by eye? I sure can't....I always took the proof strips outside to check if time under the enlarger was set correct. Once you know the critical areas of that particular print you can more or less see if you got it right in the development tray but you will have to check the proofs in natural light!
02/11/2008 18:18:44
Alert: Finished Project My Calcutta project is a done deal.....
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13/11/2008 22:13:28
New dad!!! Yep, just became a father!!!

My doughter was born yesterday afternoon 13.50h, weight 2.91kg lenght 48cm. Her name is Lies.....
pffff I'm the happiest person in the world

Don't worry, I won't start showing babypictures now

16/11/2008 18:19:54
New dad!!! Many thanks everyone!

Javier I think you will have to wait an eternity for me to start a baby project. I promissed there won't be one !

One thing is for sure though...she's allready very familiar to the sound of me machinegunning the D200

26/11/2008 16:31:40

Blaming others on the site that they lack creaticity is no excuse for not posting any highly original stuff why not just feed the labrador, get your wintercoat and shoot those images that will blow our socks of Drink

26/11/2008 19:04:46

I did not just trash your post, you know that. I think I'm one of the most regular posters here. Hardly a day goes by without me uploading so I don't think the original thread from Francis applies to me

You might argue about my uploads and whether or not they fit your view on photography or what "type" of photography this site should attract ( I hope I bring enough variation in my projects and that the quality is adequate)

Francis' thread is called "UPLOADS WANTED". My response to you was just that....upload man!

btw I have seen your first project and it's indeed an original take on photography/writing...hope your tablet is still working

27/11/2008 19:35:08
Creatvity wanted I don't see what graphic design has to do with photography in its purest form. Sure it could be interesting but creativity should be about subject and style, not form or purely graphic design...I could be wrong

Anyway I'll start a small project tomorrow, miles away from what I normaly photograph...When I did this assignment last year I was totaly lost. I was asked to do things I don't know anything about. Far out of my confort zone

It's something very different, you'll see
28/11/2008 12:57:58
Nikon D3x is out!!! - same body design, AF, metering and main functions as D3
- 24.5mp FX sensor
- 5:4 and DX crops
- 5fps at full resolution; DX crop shoots 10mp images at up to 7fps
- ISO 100-1600, extendable down to 50 and up to 6400
- 16 bit EXPEED processor
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28/11/2008 17:30:12
Nikon D3x is out!!! hmmm well we'll see how it compares to canon's offering then. It's the first 24mp full frame from nikon and it still shoots 5fps...
And it can autofocus
28/11/2008 18:54:15
Nikon D3x is out!!! I'm pretty sure it can. It however doesn't have a direct print button....shame on you Nikon
03/12/2008 00:14:56
Vacation plans, and ideas needed! Laos is indeed very nice and laid back with plenty of old french architecture around. It has changed though...a lot!

When I first went there in '99 it still was relatively unspoiled and both Vientiane and Luang Prabang where charming towns. Heck even Vang Vieng was a sleepy village. Went back in 2001 and thing were changing quickly but it was still very, very OK. 3th trip in 2003 was not a good idea, I hardly recognised the place, it's no Thailand yet but it's very close. Far to many guesthouses and bars and all that backpacker crap. Travel on the Mehkong will never be the same again... The far South was still very laid back then, I can only hope it still is. the 4000 islands region and towns like Savannaketh and Pakxe can be reached from Vientiane but also via the Isaan provence in Thailand (great place btw with even better food!)

As for Vietnam: I've only been there 1 time....I do find Hanoi one of the "must go destinations"in Asia. It really is one fantastic town with loads of history and admosphere.

Malaysia: so so for charming towns....Penang is very nice though. High tech mega city wise KL is great for a day or 2. Air Asia has many flights to and from KL....if you want something away from the main tourist paths I can warmly recommend Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo). It's a short and cheap flight to Kuching (my favorite seriously laid back town in Asia). The capital of Sarawak is a's a small town by a fast flowing mud river. But believe it or not a Hilton hotel has spoiled the skyline
If you want to experience proper jungle, headhunters and all...hop on a river ferry for a few days and visit the tribes!

Cambodia and Birma...well you know how nice it s

Indonesia is great as well but you'll need a lot of time and let's just say the Dutch didn't leave much interesting heritage....

Funny Luko mentioned sunda kelapa in Jakarta as I've just prepared a project on this port that I will upload shortly

But Will it's very simple if you want an overdose on crumbing colonial buildings there's only one place to go....Kolkata

03/12/2008 00:16:27
MAX PAYNE Nice!!! I'll ride shotgun Gun
03/12/2008 16:57:51
Vacation plans, and ideas needed! That bar in Siem Reap wouldn't be the Red Piano right....? I know the owner, A Belgian guy from Antwerp Great food and Belgian beers..felt right at home.

If your doing that tour, you'll pass Ninh Binh (very nice) and Also Vihn (ugly and undustrial, but could be good for photos)
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07/12/2008 11:54:53
Alert: Finished Project "Around the block" is finished
17/01/2009 22:48:06
deleting Bollocks!

Think before you post....that goes for a project, a photo but also a comment. Now in my book people upload what they want but they have to face the music. When you receive bad comments, learn from it, defend yourself or just ignore it. DON'T delete. That said, in Francis ' case I often think he's just to hard on himself.

In the case of Hugh:
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