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03/06/2009 21:29:26
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Upon visiting Francis' (Furachan's) site, I like his idea of group projects as an ADDITIONAL feature. I am not sure if this was considered seriously before (I have not been following discussion threads much, I am afraid, and my apology), or whether Francis was the first one to suggest this--whatever may be the case, I think it might have real potential to shake up the community. I emphasize that this is in addition to whatever is the current format of PH.

One suggestion is to run several well-thought out, general, topics as "community project" themes in parallel, with a max of three photos per contributor on the theme. The community project themes will need to be carefully considered--perhaps some folks will suggest and we vote on the candidate themes, select the top three or four. Then start these all in parallel. Each photo upload on the project theme may be voted and discussed for suitability after the upload. The themes will run for a definite duration, say six months. After this period, the project will close, but there will be a period during which we will vote on editing the final 20 or 30 photos and their order (the order is hard to vote on because there will be combinatorial explosion of different orders, so we will need to be creative about this--perhaps an ADMIN will select the order, then the community will suggest different orders with reasons for changing it--it will be much fun!). New themes (perhaps a small number, say, max 3) can be introduced every 6 months.
04/06/2009 16:01:14
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Hi Animesh,

thank you for starting a thread on this subject. I support your idea(s) - and Francis' fully and a couple of others that have been going round for a while...trying to add some features to a great site, with such an enormous potential, adding on the "community feeling" etc.
The "community projects" you are talking about could be chosen in a "variety" of themes, thus pushing some of us to explore outside our "comfort zone" (I mean some of us)

I may be pushing a bit, but a feature for "LIMITED" singles posting could be interesting too. Let's say only for those who have projects going on, finished, and wish to show from time to time that something "extra" (which could always be added to a project later on).

Unfortunately, and it's not the first time, upon this theme appearing in the forum, there seems to be a lack of interest in pursuing some thoughts on this. Things seems "frozen". Feedback Requested

One of the ideas I did find very interesting, was by Galeota (can't find the thread right now), suggesting for a frame regarding critiques on projects, instead of that wide blank space there is now.

Sincerely hoping for an opening in the discussion here, and taking the opportunity to thank the whole team for creating PH !
And sorry about my bad English, and also I am not feeling too well these days, so my thoughts are somewhat diluted.

05/06/2009 08:13:47
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I think singles is a fine idea too. Formally, a group can have 0, 1, or more members in it. So a singleton is really is a project with just one member. Cool
But seriously, I suppose it is very difficult to show an entire concept with just one photo, so practically speaking it will be a photo with no other photo to go with. In a way it is too easy to upload a single photo and claim that it has no need for a partner, but I doubt if one very often manages to take such a "complete" photo. I also don't understand why there is so much worry about projects in these days of digital, when one can just shoot away. C'mon folks, shoot more. Cobble together something, upload and see how others feel about it. One can always start a project with a singleton, then wait until another one or more photos can join that project.
09/09/2009 09:46:50
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Animesh & Michèle,
Sorry for the late repply.
We are working since few months (thanks Stéphane) and we will have a new feature during september, the "community project".
Again sorry for the lack of communication.
09/09/2009 22:46:53
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So what's the first project title...or theme?Feedback Requested
10/09/2009 00:16:28
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Good question!
10/09/2009 10:47:32
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Hi all,
Yep a good and concrete question.

Every photographer on PH will be allow to propose one community project every month, with a description of what is expected or not / potential purposes / goal. During the 15 fist days of the month, every member can propose something. In a first time any suggestions will be anonymous.
During the 15 next days every member can vote for one project, only one. The 1st of the month, it's the most rated project which will be online for participation. The name of the 'author" will be unveiled at this time.
So during one month each member who wishes, can propose 5 photographs in the community project, but only one per day).

So at the end of the day, I don't know what will be the first community project
Hope this "democratic way" will be a good option. We did not want to impose the ideas of project.

Hope my repply help a little bit to understand.
For any request please, send a mail to le p'tit Nicolas
lol ...
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10/09/2009 18:00:16
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Sounds good or sounds bad ?

In any case thank you for past / future suggestions

Feedback Requested
10/09/2009 18:31:36
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I think it sounds quite good. At least it takes away the daunting responsibility of a proposing a really really *hard* project

Let me also propose another kind of project, one that is perhaps quite different, and more addresses the faculty of editing than picture taking.
Imagine a "light-box" in which folks would drop a small number (say, 3 at most) compelling photos without any comments, titles or text to accompany the photos. Once a critical number (say, 20 or 30) is reached, it will be open to all for arranging into a particular series according to a theme. The theme is totally up to the imagination of the individuals who are making the arrangement (let's call it 'editor'). The editor then provides a paragraph describing the theme. The editor does not have to include ALL the photos, but must include at least half the photos. Then the sequences will be published, debated, and voted. The one getting the most votes will figure as a web album exhibit at the holik site. This whole thing may take 6 months to a year, so one one complete album exhibit per year will be a good accomplishment.

This might also provide an opportunity to publish the collection in some form, or attract ads to the exhibition site.
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