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  fixed / © Arnaud DE      Projet : A call from Benares            20 photos
Ring, ring,
Ready for a call from Benares ?

I spent one week there, including the most strange new year of my life.
I hope to restitute the mood of this intriguing city.
Ouvert le: 11/11/2009   créé le 11/11/2009   Favoris : 2

  prezntime / © Christopher Wallish      Projet : Fragments            17 photos

Just pieces really. Life falls apart as you watch memories trail behind. Maybe you forget a face, or hear different words to a song. In the end, it's your song to sing,
and your words to remember.

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  prantik / © Prantik Mazumder      Projet : Imaginary Paradise            14 photos
Ode to Reverie.

The punctuation of here and now with the ephemeral yearning for Paradise is perhaps the most uplifting of the human conditions.  

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