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  fixed / © Arnaud DE      Projet : 217 miles            20 photos
This is more a "photo projet" about travel.
I made a trip last year during 15 days. In the end a very nice experience and meetings.
I made a part of my trip with two Swiss who were trainee at the hospital in Morondava. Sooo many scary stories ... Gloups ...
... Then with a nice french guy ... "a real traveler" (6 months in France 6 months abroad).
But sure the best opportunity was to discover Malagasy. Malagasy with 18 ethnic groups whose vezos, nomadic ethnic seas. I made 217 miles with them.
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot      Projet : framed            8 photos
A small collection of my portaiture done troughout Asia.

It is my goal to show honest images, not snapshots. All my subjects are fully aware  of my presence. These have been shot on both digital and film cameras and "framed" in photoshop
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  proxilva / © Jorrit Van Der Molen      Projet : The Pearl of Holland            12 photos
The pearl of Holland…

Surrounded by deep, dark woods, wetlands and bogs somewhere in the north of the Netherlands, lies a part the country hidden in the open sandy grounds ‘the pearl of Holland’. Villages and small cities scattered around in the landscape, surrounded by meadows, heather fields and forests, ruled birds of prey, foxes and snakes.
An accidental train goes by over the stripe in the horizon, some birds fly up and a curious cow points her head towards the shiny yellow thing, never stopping to chew. But before the sound of metal over metal will reach you it has been swallowed by the mud and all you hear is the strong, cold land-wind coming from the east.
Far away from the noise and colours of advertising, far away from the horns of taxi drivers and the bells of trams. Three cars and a traffic light is called heavy traffic here and not being alone in the bakery is called in the queue.
Some call it home because one step off the paved track will leave you knee-deep in the earth, I call it home because this is where I’m born and raised. This project is presented as pages from an old book with black and white photo’s inside cropped to panoramic landscapes.

Photoholiks self claimed ambassador of Drenthe
Milan 2008
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  AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray      Projet : Monsoon, Bengal            10 photos
Monsoon in Bengal is the most beautiful, most wretched, most sought-after, and most reviled of all seasons. 

Rain comes at the end of a brutal summer, yet temperature fluctuates between 35 and 40^oC with 70-90% relative humidity.  Rain feeds the rice paddies and jute fields, rain means having to avoid starvation for millions of people, yet the same rains make many homeless and inundate fields of rice where water level often rises faster than the seedlings can grow.  Undoutedly it is the most poetic of all seasons in Bengal, yet it makes people home-bound and sick with enteric diseases and malaria, and power outages and leaking roof are misrable accompaniments to the poetic flourish. 

Here is my attempt to relive the memory of rains from over thiry years ago, when I had left Bengal and returned this year for the first time during monsoon. 

These photographs were taken over three days in July-August 2007.
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  battousai / © Pawel Maciejewski      Projet : Last Days of Beijing Hutongs            10 photos

"Hutongs are narrow streets or alleys, most commonly associated with Beijing, China. In Beijing, hutongs are alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences. Many neighbourhoods were formed by joining one siheyuan to another to form a hutong, and then joining one hutong to another. The word hutong is also used to refer to such neighbourhoods.

Since the mid-20th century, the number of Beijing hutongs has dropped dramatically as they are demolished to make way for new roads and buildings. More recently, some hutongs have been designated as protected areas in an attempt to preserve this aspect of Chinese cultural history."

- source: Wikipedia

This is a short photo story shot in summer 2007 about the destruction of old Beijing architecture, lives of people who are forced to move out of their homes as well as some remnants of the Old Beijing life. 
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  fixed / © Arnaud DE      Projet : Videodrone            10 photos
Making some night expriences along the road in Ladack (and others roads) with Sohrab. I never shot whith and another photographer or story teller, but I do admit that we had a lot of fun ... especially in the 'sand storm' :) Many thanks again to him for 'his beautiful soul' ... :)
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot      Projet : Calcutta            24 photos
Last october I spend a full month in Calcutta. At first I was only going to stay a few days before moving on but I fell in love with the city and ended up spending 1/3 of my entire trip there. I've tried to convey my love for the people through my photos so I hope you can appreciate them
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  flydragon / © Simon Kolton      Projet : A day in race tracks            12 photos
I was curious to see horse-race in Bangkok, then i spend a sunday there. Funny, noisy, messy, but interesting. I will make a small project about the horse-race. Maybe i would mix black and white and color pictures in this project.
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  galeota / © Gal Eota      Projet : The Art of fishing            13 photos

The city (it was a village when I left...) of Costa da Caparica is located south of the Tagus river mouth and north of Setúbal Peninsula. South of the city, a fossil cliff stretches in the direction of Albufeira lagoon. This cliff has a maximum height of 70m and has undergone particular erosion changes over geological time, being for that reason the most important fossil cliff in Portugal, protected from the sea by a 30km long extension of golden thin sand.

Small fishing village since the XVIII century (probably fishermen coming from Algarve and Ílhavo), it has since then evolved into a summer resort for Lisbon (and surrounding) inhabitants, losing its original and typical characteristics. The urban seafront improvement is included in a major national programme for urban area re-qualification, known as the POLIS programme.

There are still some magical instants though, that can be captured out of the hectic summer months, when a few ancient families of local fishermen go out to the sea in the same way, and almost the same type of boats, they used to in the beginning of the century.

The return from the sea offers the occasion to witness craftsmen at work and their harmonious relationship with nature. I’d like to share with you some of those hours, late afternoon before the sunset. In this region, when fishermen go out to the sea, they say they're going to the arts. So be it, the Art of fishing.

PS: any bird seen in the images is off subject

PS: While unfolding this project, a different vision of it arose in me but I guess it was kind of late to go back. You can see it here. The editing is slightly different and even though it presents some similarities, it tells a different story, at least the way I see it.

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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot      Projet : Proofs            22 photos
I found a box of proof prints while cleaning out my closet. I was making way for our baby that will be born in a month or two. That room will now be hers. The amount of prints that I found was staggering. So I filled another closet, not finding the energy to sort them out. When I openend this box however a smell of fix came out (guess I didn't rince those proofs as well as I should..)But I was transported back to those endless nights in a darkroom. People tell me there's better things to do with your time then spending them in the dark, looking trough grainfinders and and watching the magic take place in the developer bath...Those people don't know the smell of fix. I do and it will never leave me.
These proofs were printed on Ilford multigrade IV. 
All images shot on T-Max 100 & 400.
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  randomcameraguy / © alex felipe      Projet : Shot in the Dark            7 photos
Hello, hello everyone!  I've been away a while and having just seen Peter's (Homerhomer's) pics of me, I thought I should drop in more often.

I thought I'd present something a little different with this project.  I've done a few portraits and theatre/event stills in dark rooms or on black stages this year and I've had fun with shadows and negative space.  It's a bit different from what I usually shot in the past so I think that would make a nice reintroduction of my work for holik.

Now some of the images are colour, and some are b/w, and some are in between--the common link will be the heavy use of black and shadow around my subjects.

I hope you like them...
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  Siddhartha / © Siddhartha Hajra      Projet : Calcutta People Within Spaces            17 photos
Calcutta: People Within Spaces

This is a project I am trying to work on for sometime now. Calcutta is a city where I have lived for the best years of my life but I have only started to photograph it since the last four-five years or so. In photographing this city, its people, its spaces I have only tried to come to terms with my own sense of belonging to it. In situating others to their context in this urban labyrinth I have I tried to make sense of the astonishing pace with which life goes on here...I have tried to locate the figure(s) within the floating and teeming population who somehow appear to belong here in their ephemeral spaces. 
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  Siddhartha / © Siddhartha Hajra      Projet : PahelwansThe Wrestlers            11 photos
Pahelwans: The Wrestlers
This is a photo documentary project that I am working on currently. It is about the life of some Indian wrestlers who belong to a particular akhra(gym) here in Calcutta. I wish to bring more depth into the story as time evolves and my relationship with them does likewise. Most of these wrestlers are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, who live and work in this city (Calcutta). And this akhra helps to uphold their identity. Here they practice their craft, train their bodies, wrestle, build friendship, participate in state and national level wrestling championships, sometimes even act in ad and feature length films. Some get jobs through their career in this wrestling practice. It is also a huge part of their identity, reflecting a part of their roots, and every time they hone their skills, it gets redefined. It is a matter of pride. And I wish to explore through my photographs this sense of pride and identity these wrestler friends imbibe and try to uphold themselves.
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  stevev1 / © Steve Viscot      Projet : People of the block            18 photos
Yes there are actualy people living in my neighbourhood, some very good ones I might add.

Here we have a few fine examples                 

A spin-off from the around the block   project    
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  fixed / © Arnaud DE      Projet : A call from Benares            20 photos
Ring, ring,
Ready for a call from Benares ?

I spent one week there, including the most strange new year of my life.
I hope to restitute the mood of this intriguing city.
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