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  Lisan / © Lisan Jutras      Project : Cook Islands            9 photos
Most of you have seen this series already... something to hold my place until I have a new series!
I travelled to the Cook Islands in April 2005 (I think) to write a story for Outpost magazine. I wish I could give you all a link to the story I wrote, because that would certainly provide the narrative some of you crave. At 3,000 words it's a bit long to post here. In any case, I arrived during the national dance competitions, which were far from being a tourist draw, but rather something deeply meaningful to competitors and viewers alike. The islands are depopulated, with anyone who is not a child or an old person leaving for New Zealand or Australia to earn a living. Many competitors flew in from elsewhere to demonstrate that they have not lost their heritage -- this is achieved by busting some spectacular moves on stage. The girls were magnificent, powerful, witty, moving in performance. Backstage was a very serious place, girls checking their hibiscus-bark skirts and fantastic headpieces, moms and aunties looking on and giving a hand.
It's a story of migration, family and isolation, and it's a theme that is as familiar to these islanders as the ocean that surrounds them.
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  Luko / © Luko G-R      Project : Struggling in SDDLR, whatever Fim do Mundo            6 photos
I chose the title of this project as enigmatic and as experimental as I could find.

It happens that I am into a period of my life where I'm asking myself a lot of questions especially about the way of living I'm going through and the meaning of my work, which I start to despise. Generally not good news. For the ones who still don't know : I'm a consultant.
For the french people of my generation, Houellebecq the writer has been quite influential since his first novel, which was titled in english "Whatever" (first clue), and  which french original title could be translated as "Extension of the struggling area" (second clue). This novel describes the life of a consultant (first coincidence) going through a breakdown after realizing he's been exploited and that the economic rat race, -the struggle-, has extended to his most intimate self, which he can't escape, and the usually more private areas of life where the economic rules have nothing to do. Therefore he gets more and more distance and disinvolved in what he sees or does...

I discovered that Houellebecq was born in Reunion island where I spent three days for business last week (second coincidence), locked in my hotel or in a conference room. The idea of bringing with me the less capitalistic tool I could use to come back with a short experimental story naturally blossomed to my mind.
I then swiped the dust off my cheapo medium format Lubitel, (a genuine product from the ex-USSR) which I am now using as a paperweight, and went down to the kitchen to grab the last three 120 film I found in the egg compartment of the fridge. 

Once landed after a 11h low cost flight, it turned out to be really experimental conditions : short of sleep in the ghost town of Saint-Denis-de-la-Reunion (SDDLR, third clue) during a sunday... paralleling with the original idea, as Houellebecq's "Whatever" takes place in a off season dreary french provincial town, before and during the Christmas festivities (third coincidence).

As for Fim do Mundo, I suppose it's about an ending of the project. You'll see by yourself.

I'm not sure the whole project has a plot, I had felt this sleep lacking day like a dream awake, struggling against sunlight and tiredness. I don't know whether you've already noticed that the lack of sleep, as well as depressive environments enhances the inner dialogue.

Of course there's nothing to expect from the technicalities of the tool, I guess mobile phones take sharper pics nowadays and I'm still wondering about the experimental lay out I chose..

You should probably imagine the narrator's voice off... it's me talking...

... but you tell me. In any ways, don't worry, it'll be a very short project : 5 to 6 photos concentrated on one day.   
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  Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker      Project : Morning Wine            6 photos
I took these shots in September, 2007, on the second floor of the Main Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) in Budapest, early in the morning when the stalls started to open. Much to my surprise at the start of the day, I found many older men savouring a beer-sized glass filled with white wine to the brim. Most of them didn't mind me taking these shots.
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